Arizona's Children Association

Arizona's Children Association is on an incredible important mission to serve families in the Foster Care system. They provide a plethora of services that help to support needs from clothing and supplies to emotional and counseling support. There is a crisis happening in Arizona with the amount of children who are neglected and abused and this organization is dedicated to serve this community in order to make a difference. 

I had an powerful opportunity to put together a story for this cause. You can watch that here.  

What organizations are in your community that support children in Foster Care?


Forgotten Harvest

Forgotten Harvest

Forgotten Harvest in Detroit has a system that is efficient and effective. Their mission is to save unused food and distribute it to the neighborhoods on Detroit. The warehouse is the size of any large retail grocery store if not larger. It was, to say the least, impressive.

While we were there, there was a large team from GM Motors having a blast contributing to their community while also team building. The air was filled with laughter, hoots and hollers, as they packed up food to be taken to the neighborhoods of Detroit. This organization serves many communities within the Detroit Metro area and is doing a job well done! 

Do you know of an organization in your community like this one? If so, please share. I would love to highlight any missional group with goals such as these. Go to their website to learn more and to donate. 

Ponyride In Detroit

Ponyride In Detroit

Ponyride in Detroit was a impeccable example of entrepreneurial spirit combined with good deeds. In a effort to revitalize the Detroit market, this smart team of creatives developed a co-working and co-making space where coats are made for the homeless, by the homeless. There are so many businesses happening within the walls of this affordable space. So much, in-fact that there is a waiting list a mile long. 

Here are a few of the businesses we found:

The Empowerment Plan

The Detroit SOUP

Culture Lab Detroit

Anthology Coffee

Heritage Works Cultural 

And More

Check out their website and tell me if you have something like this in your market. I would love to give it a shout out!